“Quality begins with intent which is fixed by management.”
Quality being our utmost priority we have inculcated it in our every business operations. Quality has meant three very important things to us:

  •  Certified organic or pesticide-free plants that are sustainably harvested.
  •  Vibrant, potent, and consistent herbs that satisfy or exceed customer expectations.
  •  A product that is proven safe through laboratory analysis.

The fertility of the soil the plant was grown in, the genetic differences in the plant, the variety, cultivation practices, the climate, post-harvest handling and level of expertise used in the process of extraction will all have a significant effect on the resulting fragrance and bioactivity of an essential oil and herbs. This is why the place of origin is so important when it comes to the quality of an oil, since the climatic and soil conditions greatly affect the oil producing cells within the plant. Therapeutic properties and organic chemistry of each medicinal plants changes from categories to categories. Our products are meticulously traced throughout the growing, distribution and manufacturing process and carefully tested to ensure our high standards of quality and safety are met. From pre-ship sample screenings, to comprehensive laboratory analysis we complete a thorough program before selling our raw material to our customers.

Sourcing our Essential & Aromatic plants and Medicinal Plant
At Xtrovert the first criteria for purchasing raw material are the potential social and environmental impacts of growing, harvesting and drying herbs. Our first choice when sourcing herbs is always certified organic. If organic isn’t available, we will choose an ethically wild harvested or "cultivated without chemicals" option. If wild gathered material is harvested, each gatherer must fill out a "wild take audit" to ensure that our precious plant populations have only undergone a sustainable 10% take.

Quality in the Field
Xtrovert has built solid foundations with farmers and suppliers who consistently provide quality herbs and essential oils that meet our high standards.

Quality Control of Herbal ingredients
An outline of Quality Control Techniques employed by us is given below: -
Identification and Authenticity of Plant Material
Our Quality Assurance Laboratory preserves and maintains a specimen and Data Base containing full information on each plant material. Every herbal ingredient is authenticated by experts, involving both macroscopic and microscopic examination of each plant material.

Chemical Tests
Besides physical tests many other parameters are used to standardize and evaluate the quality of the herbal materials.

  •  Moisture
  •  Total Ether Extract
  •  Water Alcohol Soluble Extracts
  •  Ash Value
  •  Determination of foreign matter
  •  Macroscopic and microscopic examination
  •  Thin-layer chromatography
  •  Determination of ash
  •  Determination of extractable matter
  •  Determination of water and volatile matter
  •  Determination of volatile oils
  •  Determination of bitterness value
  •  Determination of haemolytic activity
  •  Determination of tannins
  •  Determination of swelling index
  •  Determination of foaming index
  •  Determination of pesticide residue

Quality Control and Traceabilty

All products conform to international standards of quality. We have special arrangements to get the consignments sterilised to control microbiological count of the products as and when required by the customers. Since quality is the cornerstone of our business, we batch test frequently in order to ensure that the essential oils and herbal plants we procure are of the highest standard. We test all products that we procure from new producers and do random test samples of products from our existing supplier base. Additionally, we track & keep record of procured items of each of our orders to ensure traceability.