We recognize that organic production integrates social, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity.

" The more we serve the Mother earth, the more we    prosper. "

The organic standards place great emphasis on building and maintaining healthy soil, nutritious crops and animal welfare on the land and hence developing a synergy amongst these. We support natural sustainable organic agriculture practices that serve honour and protect the Mother Nature. We promote cultivation methods which incorporate organic farming practices. Organic farming is an approach that promotes interdependence between nature and man in sustainable way. Being a Good Steward of the Earth and Its resources we work to cooperate with the natural renewing and sustaining power of the earth. Sustainability is the foundation of organic agriculture. We employ these sustainable farming practices to foster and support a healthy thriving ecosystem.

Over the years we have formed allegiances with a network of farmers who are all dedicated to growing high quality, organic medicinal plants for the production of essential oils. We will continually strive to develop close working relationships with growers everywhere who use traditional farming practices, in order to promote a more sustainable ecological environment for the future.In addition we are supporting farmers who employ traditional and sustainable practices helps to increase demand, thereby encouraging more conventional farmers to convert to organic agricultural methods. We prefer purchasing from farmers and co-operatives who are dedicated to growing high quality, organic medicinal plants that were produced in an ecologically sustainable manner.

  • Ethical : -
    We are uncompromisingly committed to our core values. All our decisions, actions and activities are in total integrity, reflecting our respect and devotion to Mother Nature and our deepest inspiration to be in service to all. We respect the connection between every living being and Mother Earth by fostering values that strenghen our connections to one another and that create a world in which consciousness can shine and flourish.
  • Social Responsibility : -
    We are committed towards development of our society and hence we are consistently uplifting economic standard of lower group farmers by educating and helping them in organic farming practices.
  • Environmental Responsibility : -
    We owe our respect to Mother nature by our persistent converting thousands of acres into sustainable organic farmland and forests and hence inspiring an organic revolution in India.
  • Economic Responsibility : -
    Xtrovert has always been wise company in managing and allocating its financial resources. We create success for all of our stakeholders revitalizing their lives with hopes and positive energy. Xtrovert ensures the continual improvement of business processes with the intention to exceed and transcend existing standards. While some aspirations can be achieved immediately, others require all our stakeholders to collaborate with us to expand the vision.

We want farmer group to be treated with fairness and integrity. We run a sustainable business by providing a fair wage or delivering exceptional service and high quality products. Sharing best practices with growers around the world–whether they’re our supplier or not–helping our employees gain new skills for career advancement. We want people to be in the best state of their health and happiness and also we want to protect people and environment from hazards of various chemical and hence we want to promote organic agriculture.

“We don’t want to protect environment, we want to create a world which does not need protection.”